2nd International Basalt Forum to take place at the Technopolis Moscow Congress Centre

Moscow government has provided the 2nd International Basalt Forum with conference rooms in the Technopolis Moscow to conduct business program and an exhibition room to display the participating companies’ exhibits.

On November 16-17, 2017 the Forum participants will have a unique opportunity to demonstrate their companies’ solutions, services and products in the task-oriented exhibition room of the Technopolis Moscow Congress Centre as part of the 2nd International Basalt Forum.

The Forum is constantly expanding and complementing the event program to cover all the themes and areas of rapidly developing industry of basalt fiber production and application.

Leading corporations and companies, regional representatives, start-ups working in the basalt sector of composite industry consider taking part in the exhibition.

Please, contact us in advance on all the issues relating to the placing participants at the exhibition space.


+7 495 204 28 00

Companies: International Basalt Forum, Technopolis Moscow SEZ

Industries: General society

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