MTS Systems announces its Indian headquarters in Bangalore

The supplier of high-performance test systems and sensors, has strengthened its position in India by establishing the MTS India headquarters in Bangalore.

This location, along with the Chennai office that opened in early 2016, will provide a stronger connection to customers in the region. With the new facilities and the greater number of experienced technical staff now employed, MTS will be able to deliver the solution-centric approach that it has become globally renowned for directly to its Indian customer base, as well as serving our global customers who have facilities in India.

This improved level of engagement will include sharing in-depth application knowledge, as well as the capability to collaborate with customers to develop and produce leading-edge test hardware and software in order to meet specific requirements. In the automotive sector, the company’s durability and tire testing equipment are proving themselves to be pivotal in increasing the reliability of vehicles made in India and raising overall safety. Likewise, its highly advanced materials testing rigs are allowing new composites to be evaluated that will dramatically improve aircraft performance parameters.

“India has proven to the world that it is not simply a location for cost effective manufacturing. The quality of engineering talent available, combined with continued funding of ambitious large scale projects, has made India a thriving hub for technological innovation,” states Dr. Jeffery Graves, Chief Executive Officer and President of MTS.

“It is expected that by 2020, India will be the third largest automotive market globally, with over 10 million passenger vehicles being sold annually. In tandem, billions of dollars of public sector and private sector investments are currently being made in aerospace. These dynamics are making the country a hotbed for engineering activity,” adds Umesh Krishnappa, President of MTS India. “Last year our Indian sales exceeded the original target by over 150%. This was achieved through the high degree of focus that each member of our team exhibited and the tireless effort they put into getting the best results. With the new Bangalore headquarters, we will have more on-the-ground resources to better support local companies as well as international corporations with manufacturing and development centers situated in India.”

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