Copps Industries announces development of epoxy resins for the composites industry

Copps Industries of Mequon WI has teamed with CompositeTechs of Amesbury MA to promote development of a new series of high performance epoxy formulations for the composites industries.

These general formulations can be customized to meet the processing and performance specification requirements for wet layup, filament winding, resin transfer molding and other resin infusion processing processes.

“We are excited about working with CompositeTechs to target this high value marketplace with our products” stated Jeff Oleson, director of business development for Copps Industries. “Copps has over 37 years’ experience in epoxy resin formulation for specialty applications. With more than 500 active products in our portfolio and customers in 27 countries, our increased focus in the high-performance industry is a natural growth progression. Our diverse in-depth formulation knowledge, coupled with our detail oriented technical sales support allows us to rapidly customize formulations for our customers with consistent quality and at the right value.”

Copps Industries has been designing and manufacturing resins for a broad range of markets including civil engineering, aggregate / mining, structural adhesives, and electrical / electronic since 1979. Recent programs have included removal of all flammables and chlorinated solvents from their plant, re-formulating core products to replace known or suspected toxic ingredients, and the continual upgrading of our packaging. Copps Industries is firmly committed to providing the finest, most consistent industrial epoxies on the planet.

CompositeTechs provides high value, expert manpower resources in the chemicals, plastics and composites industries. Our expert staff of 15 personnel has an average of 30 years in-depth knowledge of the supplier base and technologies, and they deliver high quality, cost-effective, and focused solutions to meet the individual needs of their clients. CompositeTechs provides technical, sales and marketing, business development and related support.

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