Tecniplas reinforces dissemination of vinasse cooling towers at Fenasucro

Company has already supplied more than 500 units of the equipment to mills across Brazil

Tecniplas, a Brazilian leader in the production of special equipment made of composites, once again participates in the International Fair of Sugar, Ethanol and Energy Technology (Fenasucro) – in Sertãozinho (São Paulo), held on August 22-25. In this year’s edition, the company’s goal is to strengthen the dissemination of its vinasse cooling towers.

“Over the past twenty years, we have supplied more than 500 units of this type of equipment to mills across the country,” said José Roberto Vasconcellos, commercial manager at Tecniplas. To be used as a fertilizer, vinasse must have its temperature cooled down, on average, from 90°C to 55°C.

Produced in a single piece, which eliminates the occurrence of leaks, the vinasse cooling towers produced by Tecniplas feature a mechanical assembly installed outside the saturated and corrosive air flow. “In addition to extending the shelf life of the components, this feature facilitates the access for future maintenance.”

Another advantage, according to Vasconcellos, is the fact that the diffuser, the distribution system and the beams are directly fixed by lamination to the tower housing, which makes the equipment much more robust. “The distribution of hot vinasse is made by an ester-vinyl resin-based composite pipe, which means that it has a high chemical and temperature resistance.”

Together with the vinasse cooling towers, Tecniplas produces ethanol recovery tanks, sugar retention towers, tanks, pipelines and connections.

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