Diab Americas triples processing capacity of advanced foam cores

Due to increased OEM acceptance from several market segments, Diab Americas has invested in additional stabilization chambers to support the growing need for Divinycell HT and Divinycell HP foam cores.

Structural foam cores have been used in the Aerospace industry and other advanced composite applications for decades, led by Diab with its Divinycell and now-retired Klegecell foam core products. With the long list of benefits of closed cell foam cores over traditional honeycomb core designs in Aerospace applications, OEM acceptance of Divinycell HT for primary and secondary structures has accelerated over recent years.

“The unique value we bring to our customers needing an elevated temperature and prepreg capable closed cell foam is further stabilizing Divinycell HT and Divinycell HP prior to delivery. This ensures our industry-leading dimensional stability in a closed cell foam, enabling our customers to produce the best quality and most consistent finished part. To ensure Diab is the best partner and supplier to our customers, we have heavily invested in many aspects of the Diab Americas facility in Desoto, TX. Amongst these improvements include tripling the chamber capacity of our Divinycell HT and Divinycell HP product lines,” comments Per-Erik Velin, President of Diab Americas.

Divinycell HT and Divinycell HP are PVC-based IPN (interpenetrating network) thermosets with excellent chemical resistance, high strength to weight ratios, and good insulative properties. Additionally, each Divinycell HT order comes with comprehensive quality documentation and batch traceability, to ensure Aerospace documentation requirements are met.

Apart from the foam core supply, Diab supports customers with added value services such as CNC machining and thermoforming of core kits, ready to be used out of the box.

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