Tecniplas highlights the benefits of composites at Concasan

Company manufactures tanks and megatanks used in sanitation

Tecniplas, the largest Brazilian manufacturer of composite tanks and special equipment, is one of the exhibitors at the Sanitation Congress of Santa Catarina (Concasan). The event takes place in Florianópolis (SC), from August 31 to September 01, and is promoted by the Catarinense Water and Sanitation Company (CASAN), with the support of the Union of Engineers of the State of Santa Catarina (SENGE-SC).

According to José Roberto Vasconcellos, commercial manager of Tecniplas, the company will exhibit at Concasan its portfolio of tanks and megatanks – process and storage – suitable for use with water, effluents and chemical products. “The idea is to show how much more advantageous is the use of composite tanks compared to similar ones made of concrete or vitrified steel.”

According to Vasconcellos, concrete tanks require a perfect and flawless waterproofing, due to the natural porosity of the material. “In addition to raising the price, the coating has a limited life. Composites, in turn, are impermeable, immune to corrosion, have high mechanical strength and can be formulated with resins suitable to be in contact with drinking water.”

Compared to vitrified steel, the benefits are the greater ease of installation – composite tanks are monolithic, not made up of thousands of bolted plates – and the absence of leaks. “In addition, the production chain of the material we process is entirely local, while the steel used in the tanks is imported, so clients end up being exposed to exchange rate oscillations.”

Another attraction exhibited by Tecniplas at Concasan are the megatanks made of composites. With up to 15 meters in diameter and a capacity to store up to 4.5 million liters, the giant tanks are manufactured in sections at the company’s plant and, through the oblation process, they are resized to allow for road transportation.

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