São Paulo hosts event on new technology for the production of automotive parts

Fast RTM was developed by a pool of global companies

The Automotive Committee of the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO) is bringing to São Paulo (Brazil), on September 14, Jerome Raynal, executive of the French conglomerate IS Group. Raynal will give a presentation about Fast RTM, a new manufacturing process of automotive parts made of composites.

Entitled “Fast RTM, the evolution of a process”, Raynal’s presentation details the features of the technology that enables the production, in cycles of 120 seconds, of structural and complex composite parts of up to 3 meters. “By enabling the full automation of high-speed processes, Fast RTM should be considered the future of RTM technologies,” said Raynal.

According to the IS Group executive, Fast RTM ensures faster impregnation rates of mechanical reinforcements – glass and carbon fibers, for example – compared to those delivered by conventional RTM technologies. “It is also compatible with thermoset and thermoplastic resins, which makes the process more flexible and tailored to the needs of automakers.”

Fast RTM technology was developed by a pool of ten global companies, which were supported by the Institute of Research and Technology M2P. This year, the novelty won the JEC Awards in the category “Innovation”, the main award of the global composite industry.

According to Gilmar Lima, president of ALMACO, Fast RTM’s presentation to Brazilian automakers will help to rethink the composites, “which are one of the main materials options for the development of structural and low-weight parts,” he noted. “Because of the economic crisis, our companies stopped investing in technology and management. But it’s time to turn this game around and make up for lost time”.

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