TechnoNICOL starts to recycle mineral wool insulation for free

Under the TN-RECYCLING program, TechnoNICOL offers free recycling of old mineral wool insulation removed after the renovation of buildings. The customers just have to pack insulation wastes on pallets and load up the track provided by TechnoNICOL.

Three TechnoNICOL factories located in the cities of Ryazan, Krasniy Sulin, and Zainsk take old stone insulation for the recycling. It is the company that delivers wastes to the factory and prepares them for recycling process. TechnoNicol assures their company is the only Russian mineral wool manufacturer to offer such kind of service for everybody.

Konstantin Kozetov, CTO for Mineral Wool in TechnoNICOLl comments that old thermal insulation wastes must not be disposed of like ordinary household garbage:

This kind of material should be utilized by a specific method in order not to pollute the environment and this fact is an issue for both customer and contractor. The TN-RECYCLING program addresses the issue of stone wool recycling and helps the customers reduce waste disposal costs. After stone wool recycling, we reuse the obtained material in the manufacturing process, that is, we consume fewer natural resources.

Utilization and recycling of old composite materials are among the most urgent issues the industry faces up. This topic was included in the research fields within REFORM, the international project. In this context, we cannot but mention Isomatex, a manufacturer of basalt fiber, which can be re-melted to obtain a new virgin fiber with no downgrading.

Companies: Isomatex, TechnoNICOL

Industries: Construction

Terms: Recycling

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