Prosocoustic manufactures basalt fiber panels for perfect acoustics

Prosocoustic believes their new basalt fiber panels WaveRoom to be an easy way to bring whole-room acoustic treatment to any environment.

Each WaveRoom kit is designed for effective coverage of up to 100 square feet (9 sq. m), absorbing and diffusing sound at the same time.  Additionally, the company offers Corner Bass Trap Kits to help tame lower frequencies.

The hybrid Wave panel is designed in such a way that the front layer to absorb the sound and the back layer to diffuse it. Prosocoustic assures that no other product on the market matches the technology of the WAVE series. A complete ready-to-install solution, WaveRoom kits are perfect for studios, offices, restaurants, churches; anywhere better audio clarity is needed. Prosocoustic also offers Gobo Kits for use in recording studios, stages and live sound applications.

In addition to basalt fiber, which replaced fiberglass and foam as an acoustic sound treatment material, WaveRoom kits utilize by-product of the steel manufacturing process and recycled wood chip waste. Framing material products are made of recycled and recyclable materials and the panels produce no noxious or poisonous fumes.

Noteworthy, that mineral wool market is estimated to reach $15 billion by 2022. Thus, the main market driving force is a growing demand for basalt fiber insulation.


Companies: Prosocoustic

Industries: Construction

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