TPI Composites and Senvion agrees to cooperate on manufacturing wind turbines

TPI Composites, the manufacturer of composite wind blades, has signed a multiyear supply agreement with Senvion S.A. to provide markets of Asia, Australia and South America with wind blades.

The main activity of Global Basalt Engineering LLC is creation of effective productions on release of continuous basalt fiber (СBF) with technologies of the last generation and composites on the basis of СBF (Basalt Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites as BFRP).

The blades will be manufactured using proprietary RodPack technology purchased by Senvion in 2015. RodPack is a highly advanced material system that used to produce blade structural elements, including the spar, which is the main bearing blade element. RodPack material system can be produced of various fibers, including basalt.

When RodPack is used in the main girder, it enables optimized blade design as well as faster and higher-quality blade production, the company states.

Steve Lockard, President and CEO of TPI Composites promised to support Senvion’s technology advancements by producing RodPack material in a world-class manner.

The production is scheduled to start at TPI’s facility in China, early 2018. TPI Composites has concluded a supply agreement for Latin America market before.

Countries: China, USA

Terms: wind energy

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