Stone wool used to insulate the world’s biggest ball-shaped building

Stone wool thermal insulating material was used when constructing Nur-Alem, a 100-meter-high and 80 meters in diameter spherical building, erected in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana.

Extraordinary building has chosen to become a venue for the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO-2017.

The exhibition, which started on the June 10th and will finish on the September 10th, focuses on “green” energetics. Thus, basalt fiber-based thermal insulating materials, which are sustainable, safe, and energy-efficient turned out to correspond with the exhibition subjects.

Rockwool’s insulation boards Roof Batts Styazhka used when constructing Nur-Alem are resistant to impacts, temperature extremes, and have a long service life. In addition, they have a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, which allow the building to keep a comfortable temperature both in winter and in summer with little power consumption. Basalt melting point exceeding 1000 °С provides reliable fire safety for the building.

After the exhibition Nur-Alem is supposed to become the Centre for Innovations and Culture.

Countries: Kazakhstan

Industries: Energy, Finance & Investment, General society

Terms: Capital

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