Automotive in the focus of International Basalt Forum

Specialists in the automotive industry who use basalt fiber in the manufacturing process can enjoy participation on preferential terms.

The automotive industry shows constant growth in the use of new materials, requiring technologies improvement as a response to the economic and environmental challenges.

Reducing the impact on the environment is the main trend in the automotive industry. Not only conversion of cars to greener fuel types is the issue but also eco-friendly manufacture, which includes maximum recycling.

Automotive industry leaders are constantly searching for cost-effective, technologically mature solutions enabling them to successfully compete in the global market. New materials including those based on basalt fiber make the vehicles more reliable, lightweight, and cost effective.

The 2nd International Basalt Forum opens its doors for the specialists involved in advanced developments in the fields of basalt materials, manufacturing techniques and technologies and their application in the automotive industry: vehicles structural parts, hull elements, brake pads, thermal/sound insulation, fire protection etc.

Specialists in the automotive industry who use basalt fiber in the manufacturing process can enjoy participation on preferential terms with exhibition area provided.

A unique industry-specific event will be held on November 15-17, 2017 in Moscow, bringing together Russian and foreign companies, and the specialists involved in the innovative industries: aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, car building, oil and gas, materials production, machine building, light industry, construction industry, etc.

This year organizers of the industry-specific event are looking forward to 500 participating companies. The Forum is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, and the government of Moscow. The participants include delegates from the federal and regional ministries of the Russian Federation, Venezuela Ministry of Construction, companies from Italy, Spain, Germany, China, Pakistan, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Syria.

The participants will be able to attend the industry-specific scientific and practical conference, open exhibition and extensive business program with a lot of thematic sessions covering a wide range of issues related to basalt materials application in various economics fields and the strategy for the industry development.

The Government of Moscow provided the Congress Hall in Technopolis Moscow to hold the 2nd International Basalt Forum.

Do not miss the opportunity to showcase your products and services, communicate with basalt composites manufacturers and consumers during the automotive session and the exhibition, and establish useful contacts that will bring the business to a new, contemporary level.

Registration is open, follow the link.

Companies: International Basalt Forum, Technopolis Moscow SEZ

Countries: Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Spain, Syria, United Kingdom, Venezuela

Industries: Aerospace, Automotive and Road Transportation, Construction, Ecology, General society, Marine Transportation and Shipbuilding

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