TechnoNICOL to build a new stone wool processing plant in the Far East

A new plant to process stone wool into insulating materials is preliminarily estimated at 600 million rubles. The new plant construction project was presented at the 3rd Eastern Economic Forum concluded a few days ago.

The Ministry for Development of the Russian Far East informs about the corporation’s plans with reference to Sergey Kolesnikov, the co-owner and president of TechnoNICOL. He comments that plant construction will take 18 months, and its commission is scheduled for late 2018 – early 2019. In addition to insulating materials, the plant will produce ventilation ducts, drainpipes, and gutters.

It will be the second production site in the Far East for the corporation established to process stone wool. Late 2016 saw an official launch of “TechnoNICOL – the Far East” located in the Khabarovsk Priority Social and Economic Development Area. The main product of this plant is basalt thermal insulation. The experts say that stone wool insulation applied for enclosing structures helped to increase energy efficiency by 46%.

Two enterprises of the largest Russian manufacturer of insulating and roofing materials working in the region enable the domestic consumers to get available products. As for the corporation, two assets located in the Far Eastern region will facilitate the expansion of TechnoNICOL in Asia.


Companies: TechnoNICOL

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