Exhibition of basalt fiber products to be held as part of International Basalt Forum

The organizers of the 2nd International Basalt Forum provide manufacturers of basalt fiber products with an opportunity to showcase their products at the exhibition to be held in Technopolis Moscow as part of Forum Business Program on November 16-17, 2017.

Basalt fiber based materials and products that have been launched in production and those that are completely new developments designed for different applications and produced according to various technologies are accepted for the display.

Participating in the exhibition is the best way to give voice to your company that will help to shorten the path from a producer to a consumer up to the direct contact and personal communication, establish essential business contacts, scale the business, and find new customers and partners in the Russian and foreign markets.

Manufacturers of basalt fiber products, wishing to receive an expo-place, should send an application to Expo-places are limited.

Companies: International Basalt Forum, Technopolis Moscow SEZ

Industries: General society

Terms: Basalt fiber application, Exhibition

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