Stone wool was used to insulate the first eco-office in Almaty

According to the project, stone wool thermal insulation fills in the space in the iron frame of wall panels.

In addition to eco-friendly insulation, the office has installed photovoltaic panels and other eco-components. What is more, its windows are coated with silver.  The total area of the office building is 1200 square meters. It took 10 days and 40 panels for its covering.

Basalt fiber insulation well keeps heat and isolate noise, it is safe for human health, and has a low degree of flammability. It greatly increases the energy efficiency of the building when combined with window glass able to retain up to 57% of energy and reflect up to 87% of solar radiation. Instead of central heating system, the building has an autonomous heating system installed. In order not to use drinking water for technical needs, a recirculation system for rainwater has been designed.

Maxim Baryshev, the businessman and an eco-office initiator, says the construction cost, including all eco components, was less than $ 1000 / sq. m. According to the calculations, all costs must be paid off in seven years.

The self-contained eco-house insulated with basalt fiber slabs has been built in the Preduralie Reserve at the scientific base of Perm State University. Both cities of Perm and Almaty used building materials mainly produced by local manufacturers.

Companies: Perm State University

Industries: Construction, Ecology, Energy

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