Basalt Projects GC at ‘Composites and compounds 2017’ International Conference

Basalt fiber application has been one of the most discussed topics in a segment of reinforcing fillers of composite materials.

On September 13th Andrey Nikitin, President of Basalt Industry Development Union “Soyuzbazalt”, represented Basalt Projects GC at the 6th International Conference ‘Composites and Compounds’ organized by INVENTRA (CREON group).

Rafael Grigoryan, the Director General of CREON Group, opened the conference greeting the delegates. He outlined the main trends and challenges the composite and compound industry faces and specified the discussion fields during the conference.

The speakers presented both consumers and composite manufacturers’ vision of the modern composite industry. The delegates were introduced to the latest developments in composite ingredients able to raise composites efficiency and quality, newest solutions to extend the scope of composite materials application, and also end users’ requests and expectations that show the composite producers the area of focus.

Basalt Projects GC at ‘Composites and compounds 2017’ International Conference

They reflected the main factors that hamper the growth of production and identified the directions of intensive work to implement the plans outlined in the state programs, including the program for the development of the Russian composite market until 2020. Particular attention was focused on certification issues and increasing composites application in the fields where conventional construction materials are still preferred.

The application of basalt fiber in various industry sectors (transport infrastructure, construction, power industry, aircraft, ship, and machine building, etc.) discussed with speakers by Andrey Nikitin during a meaningful dialog, aroused a keen interest of the participants.

Basalt Projects GC at ‘Composites and compounds 2017’ International Conference
A. Nikitin at ‘Composites and compounds 2017’ International Conference. Image: INVENTRA

Several participants expressed their readiness to consider basalt fiber in their applications and to carry out relevant work in this area.

In my opinion, composites producers underestimate the potential of basalt fiber and are often unfamiliar with its unique properties and scope of application, which is simply irreplaceable for the range of projects.

The goal of Soyuzbazalt is to bridge the gap between basalt fiber manufacturers and consumers, eliminate all kinds of obstacles preventing the basalt industry development.

I wish to thank the conference organizer, INVENTRA, for the perfect event held at a high level, and all the participants for interesting, constructive communication,

said Andrey Nikitin.

Companies: Basalt Projects Group, Composites and compounds, INVENTRA

Industries: Construction, General society, Transport

Terms: Composite materials

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