Russian stone wool conquers Mongolia and New Zealand

Stone wool has become one of the main tools for TechnoNICOL to expand into the markets of foreign countries. Pursuing the policy of export development in Asian countries, the company has started to supply mineral wool insulation to Mongolia.

Thermal insulation for Mongolian customers is shipped from Tekhno Plant (TechnoNICOL) located in the city of Yuga, where more than 110 items of certified mineral wool insulation are produced.

The annual output of products exceeds 1 million cubic meters. Dmitriy Salikhov, the plant director, says that stone wool thermal insulation is top requested insulating material type for the customers from CIS countries and Europe.

Mineral wool insulation is used for thermal and sound insulation, as well as for fire protection. This is an affordable material used to insulate partitions, floor structures, and attics.

Late summer the corporation announced another export partner, New Zealand, which started to receive stone wool from Techno Plant located in the city of Ryazan. Pavel Morkovin, the director of Ryazan branch noted that New Zealand does not almost have any local construction materials manufacturers.

This aspect opens up wide opportunities for the Russian company specializing in the manufacture of safe and highly demanded construction products. Techno Plant has 145 items of stone wool products in the product range, including thermal and sound insulation.

The export partnership of the Russian manufacturer goes beyond Mongolia and New Zealand. The territories of TechnoNICOL’s foreign deliveries cover the Baltic countries, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, North America and Asia. During the recent Eastern Economic Forum, the corporation has concluded the agreement of intent with the FESCO Transport Group in order to raise the efficiency of export transportation.

Companies: TechnoNICOL

Countries: Mongolia, New Zealand

Industries: Construction, General society, Transport

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