Basalt absorbent was nominated for Best in Show 2017

Basalt absorbent, designed for oil and hazardous liquids, is showcased among the other products nominated for Best in Show 2017. The winner will be announced during the annual NSC Congress & Expo in Indianapolis.

This unique absorbent made of basalt fiber has been developed by Green Ocean. It cleans spills of hazardous liquids 3 times faster than any solution on the market and absorbs 3 times more oil than regular absorbents. Only 0.03 ounces (0.85 gram) of absorbing material can absorb up to 1.94 ounces (55 grams) of oil, while other absorbents can soak up a maximum of 0.49 ounces (7 grams). Additionally, 95 percent of oil can be recovered, as absorbents can be squeezed out.

The official website demonstrates a number of products based on a new basalt absorbent, which is a patented Green Ocean technology. The company’s headquarters are located in the Netherlands and Russia, but production facilities in Latvia.

Countries: Latvia, Netherlands, Russia

Industries: Oil & Gas

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