USA supports developers of building solution based on basalt composites

Nebraska located company (US) has developed a method enabling the construction of extremely strong buildings using precast concrete structures reinforced with basalt composites – mesh, rebar, and fiber.

The City of Scottsbluff awarded a $310,000 economic development assistance loan to Millennium Resilient (MR) International Inc. They make buildings capable of withstanding strong wind, fire, seismic events, and even survive a tornado.

The method is based on a new material that Rod Russell, the project head and CEO of MR Housing (Millennium Resilient International, Inc) is working on in collaboration with the University of Nebraska and the Peter Kiewit Foundation.

Rust and the difference in expansion coefficient between steel and concrete lead to the eventual decay of the structure. But basalt fiber has the same expansion coefficient as the concrete. Using the mixture of high tensile-strength rebar, mesh, and fiber, Russell said the product is a tenth of the weight, but three times as strong.

We actually believe we can build houses that last for thousands of years,

says Russell.

The new hybrid components of basalt and lightweight cellular concrete will make the construction easier, and the full-strength concrete columns make the structure tornado and wind-resistant. He said the lightweight concrete material has thermal resistance, meaning it doesn’t transfer heat and cold like regular concrete.

The USA is not the only country that uses basalt fiber reinforced concrete. For the Swedish marina builder SF Pontona, this material has become an ideal solution. The Project BasFlair of the Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University, which replaced expensive and energy-intensive carbon fibers with basalt fibers in textile concrete, was recognized as part of the German climate initiative.

Experimental researches conducted in different countries worldwide confirm the feasibility of using basalt fiber reinforced concrete for both underground structures and ground structures in various building elements.

Companies: ITA, RWTH, SF Pontona

Countries: USA

Industries: Construction, Energy

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