Innovative pipes project Fiber Basalt OXY to be further developed

Wavin Ekoplastik (Czech Republic) announced its intention to modernize production and update the product line within the framework of the Fiber Basalt OXY project.

Currently, Wavin Ekoplastik continues to work on the development of a successful project of innovative multi-layered pipes Fiber Basalt OXY, which is co-financed by the European Union under the program of the European Regional Development Fund.

The company is going to purchase new equipment and modernize the production process. As a result, two innovative products are supposed to appear on the market: a new generation of Fiber Basalt OXY pipes and fittings.

A modernized version of Fiber Basalt PLUS pipe, Fiber Basalt OXY has four layers, including an inner basalt fiber reinforced PP-RCT layer and an oxygen barrier. This construction prevents oxygen from penetrating into the pipe, can be characterized by high hydraulic and operating properties, and is also especially suitable for high temperature heating systems.

Countries: Czech

Industries: Construction, Oil & Gas

Terms: Pipes

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