State-owned Avtodor is a new Forum participant

Everyone is concerned about the high quality of roads and durable road infrastructure.

Basalt composites and basalt fiber are innovative products that can significantly improve the quality of roads and at the same time reduce the cost of their construction and operation.

Resistance to anti-icing chemicals, temperature extremes, abrasion and vibrations are those properties that make basalt fiber and basalt fiber composites an excellent option for the modern road construction in order to extend an overhaul period without losing the quality of road surface.

With positive results basalt composite materials can be used to manufacture road pillars, vehicle parapets, poles, noise barriers and other road infrastructure facilities. For instance, noise barriers made of basalt fiber have been already installed along the Moscow Ring Road.

This area of basalt composites application is among the most relevant and promising ones, so state-owned Avtodor taking part in the work of the 2nd International Basalt Forum both as a participant and an information partner confirms this fact.

Companies: International Basalt Forum

Industries: Construction, General society

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