A rapid and zero waste automated production process for carbon composite material

Carbon Fibre Preforms launches new tooling board and ultra-high temperature carbon composite material produced with revolutionary zero waste ROCCS technology.

A rapid and zero waste automated production process for carbon composite material - Direct to part carbon tooling

Carbon Fibre Preforms (CFP), a new to the market manufacturer of a range of carbon fibre composite materials produced using an extremely rapid, zero waste automated process, will be formally launching two new products at Composites Europe 2017. The company will present its 360 carbon fibre tooling board and FR.10 ultra-high temperature carbon composites, with both materials delivering good performance across a range of transport and industrial sectors.

Carbon Fibre Preforms’ revolutionary zero waste ROCCS (Rapid Output Controllable Composite Shapes) technology enables composite materials to be produced quicker and more cost effectively than existing conventional technologies, making their materials a commercially viable alternative to metal solutions. Thermoset, thermoplastic and speciality resin systems are combined with precision chopped carbon fibres to produce a unique 3D fibre structure with fibres randomly orientated in the X, Y and Z directions. CFP products such as 360 and FR.10 are available in flat sheet formats with net shape materials also possible via the highly adaptable manufacturing process.

Longer lasting than epoxy materials and lighter and more cost effective than Invar tooling, 360 is the ultimate composite tooling solution. 360 combines the precision benefits of a low CTE (5.4) and a temperature resistance of 300˚C in a single directly millable tooling material. Available in thicknesses from 5-20mm, 360 sheets are lightweight, easy to machine, bond and block up into larger net surface areas.

Suitable for high precision direct to part tooling, assembly fixtures, jigs or backing structures, 360 tooling materials are available in large volumes on very short (7 day) lead times.

Carbon Fibre Preforms’ lightweight industrial FR.10 materials blend carbon fibres and a custom resin combination to deliver performance in ultra-high temperature and fire scenarios. Available large format sheets (up to 1.0 x 1.4m) or as net shapes, FR.10 has been tested under load at 1200˚C for 4 hours without failure. It can be used for new applications or to upgrade or renew protection of existing structures. FR.10’s lightweight protection improves transport and installation efficiency and makes it ideal for the industrial, civil engineering, mass transport, marine and offshore markets.  

“Our new products, manufactured using our patented ROCCS process, deliver game changing performance. Designed to offer the ultimate in composite tooling and ultra-high temperature protection, they will revolutionise composite manufacturing and heat protection applications” 

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