Hexion introduces an epoxy resin system with low fire, smoke and toxicity properties

The company has developed a new epoxy resin system with low fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) properties built into the resin structure, providing manufacturers with a novel, homogeneous material for use in composite parts for aircraft interiors as well as marine, rail and architectural applications.

The new epoxy resin system, EPON FlameX Resin 9600 / EPIKURE FlameX Curing Agent 9700, is halogen and phenolic free and, in infused glass laminate composite parts, has passed various burn tests for vertical burn, smoke density and smoke toxicity. It is suitable for commercial aviation applications in cargo areas, seat interiors, lavatories, galleys or anywhere not requiring heat release compliance. Additional testing is in process for heat release requirements, which may expand the interior applications for the new resin. 

“Traditional epoxy products for these interior applications require the use of additives and particulates to achieve FST properties,” said Ann Frederix, Senior Vice President, Epoxy Specialties. “This new system has the FST properties built into the resin chemistry itself, representing a breakthrough in epoxy technology for critical FST applications.” 

The new homogenous epoxy resin system offers excellent aesthetics in finished parts and can be processed via infusion/resin transfer molding (RTM) as well as VARTM closed molding. This provides production efficiencies when compared to other technologies that can present resin infusion difficulties.

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