Automakers participate in an event promoted by Almaco

The Latin-American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO) held an event about creativity and new technologies that brought together about 50 representatives of the main automakers operating in Brazil in São Paulo.

“It was the first meeting in our industry to speak directly with the end user of composites,” said Gilmar Lima, president of ALMACO.

Lima began the activities with the presentation of the lecture “Innovation and creativity in the world of composites”. In addition to describing cases of successful application of the material – including the recently launched Núcleo Úmido [Moist Core], a constructive solution created by G12 Innovation –, the president of ALMACO spoke about market, management and business models.

Then, Jerome Raynal, executive of the French conglomerate IS Group, detailed the features of Fast RTM, a process that enables large-scale manufacturing of complex composite parts.

“This is a combination of high-pressure RTM and compression technology. When we add the best of both, we have been able to develop a system that allows to produce, in two-minute cycles, net-shaped finished parts”.

Companies: ALMACO (Associação Latino-Americana de Materiais Compósitos)

Industries: Automotive and Road Transportation

Terms: Business

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