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Robotic overbraiding facility to be showcased at Advanced Engineering

Robotic overbraiding facility to be showcased at Advanced Engineering

Burgmann Packings Composites has enriched its range of products with a new overbraiding facility, which will be showcased at the trade fair in Birmingham, UK.

Robotic overbraiding facility consists of multi-axis Kuka robot system integrated into Herzog radial braiding machine. Basalt, carbon, glass, aramid and natural fibers can be handled and used for braiding.

A robot handling system makes it possible to enhance the capacity of the braiding machine due to a wider range of mandrel shapes and sizes.

Burgmann Packings Composites announced the launch of its new facility as a preparation to the upcoming Advanced Engineering trade fair, which will be held from 1-2 November in Birmingham, UK.

Overbraiding is a cost saving technique used to produce net shape structural preforms. During the overbraiding the braid is placed directly onto a mandrel, which has the inner geometry of the desired preform.

By reciprocating the mandrel through the braiding point, a pre-selected number of layers can be braided to obtain the desired wall thickness.

The mandrel can be rigid or flexible, it can also remain in the product or a lost core technique can be used for production of a hollow product.


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