Basalt fiber façade panels in “stone” design released by Rockwool

Rockpanel Stones façade panels made of compressed basalt fiber can be used for cladding intricate shaped buildings without affecting the finishing material integrity. Rockpanel is a subsidiary of Rockwool that is engaged in manufacturing these panels.

The distinguishing features of the panels are lightweight (8.4 kg / m2; 8 mm thick), resistance to adverse weather and ultraviolet rays. They can also be bent without any special pretreatment. Rockpanel Stones is available in several different designs able to create visionary facades with three authentic looks, specifically Concrete, Stone, and natural Basalt.

Like all Rockwool products, Rockpanel Stones is fireproof and comply with K0 class. In addition, these panels, among other products, are included in the latest Green Book catalog.

Industries: Construction

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