Aleksey Udivanov, Russian Basalt LLC: “I believe the future is with composites”

Composites can become one of the new growth areas of the region. This aspect was emphasized by the authority of the Chelyabinsk region. What producers think about the prospects for composite industry growth, in particular, basalt composites, what problems they have to face we asked in an interview with Aleksey Udivanov, the General Director of Russian Basalt LLC.

Let’s introduce Russian Basalt to Basalt.Today readers, those who do not know about it yet.

Russian Basalt was established in July 2011, it is quite a young company because it turned six this summer. We started this business when recognized the growth prospects of continuous basalt fiber, basalt roving, and chopped basalt fiber. We had produced thermal and sound insulation before, it was a brand LINEROCK and our share in the Russian thermal and sound insulation market amounted to 7%.

For 1.5 years since Russian Basalt foundation, it was a period of attracting investments, establishing production, and this period was quite difficult for us. The difficulty was that continuous basalt fiber (CBF) and basalt insulation are completely different products, despite the fact that crushed basalt rocks are used for both products as a raw material. Seeking for business partners who could help organize production activities, improve technologies was not an easy task. There are a lot of specialists in the basalt consulting market with purely theoretical knowledge, not confirmed by practical skills. When you ask what and where they have organized, in order to see it, they get silent.

Aleksey Udivanov, Russian Basalt: “I believe the future is with composites”

Please, find the full interview here in Russian.

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