Istanbul composite summit Turk Kompozit 2017

Invited by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the delegates of Basalt Projects GC have participated in a three day seminar in Turkey devoted to composite materials and technologies.

Turkish authorities demonstrate an understanding of composite industry potential for both domestic market and foreign trade and are operating in this field enabling the region composite sector to develop dynamically.

Istanbul composite summit Turk Kompozit 2017Turk Kompozit 2017  was organized by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Economy as part of the efforts to develop international viability of the composites sector.

The international event was comprised of B2B meetings with Advanced Composite Cluster participants, scientific-practical and commercial presentations, as well as an exhibition that hosted stands of more than 90 companies including producers of machinery and equipment, reinforcing materials and resins, semi and intermediate products being used in different manufacturing methods, and also composites.

The exhibition mainly focused on the Turkish producers, in particular, those involved in the Composite Cluster, which combines 27 composite producers. Although, world famous brands, such as AirTech and Hexcel, were also among exhibitors.

Sointeks, a Turkish retailer of basalt products and basalt composite products was presented at the exhibition. This company is developing a local composite market. A number of local companies, such as Durfoam, have gained expertise in basalt fiber processing so they are extremely interested in further activity in this field.

The delegates of Basalt Projects GC including Basalt Industry Development Union Soyuzbazalt, Basalt Projects JSC, and Trading House Russian Basalt, stressed the high organization level of the event and the potential of the region for further fruitful cooperation.

Istanbul composite summit Turk Kompozit 2017

During the meeting with the chairman of the composite cluster, professor, doctor of technical sciences Mehmet Karakhan, it was determined the vector of relations between two countries in the field of composite materials and the ways for further cooperation in the field of basalt composites.

Mr Karakhan expressed interest in the joint work and willingness to make a presentation at the 2nd International Basalt Forum as a speaker, noting that this event has a potential to become a key event facilitating the development of Turkish-Russian composite market.

Turk Kompozit 2017 was a success, its organizers managed to create an excellent dialogue platform for composite industry professionals. We have found a lot of like-minded people and established business contacts with them, that, I hope, will be the start of further constructive communication,

comments Maxim Chernykh, General Director of Basalt Projects GC.

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