Stone wool thermal insulation to serve at least 50 years

Thermal insulation manufactured by TechnoNICOL passed testing in the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences (RAASN) that proved the ability of mineral wool boards to retain service properties for 50 years.

This means the chance for customers to cut expenses on buildings renovation since they will have to provide scheduled replacement of basalt thermal insulation only in half a century after the building was put into operation. During this period of time and unlike other materials, stone wool thermal insulation does not almost change its thermal properties under weather conditions.

In the course of laboratory testing, 37 types of TechnoNICOL’s basalt fiber insulation boards were tested for compliance with GOST Р 57418—2017 ‘Mineral wool heat-insulating materials and products. Method of determining the effective operation period’.

Insulation boards made of stone wool are not only durable but also eco-friendly material. Thus, TechnoNICOL’s product under GreenGuard brand for thermal and sound insulation in low-rise construction obtained Blue Angel eco-label.

Companies: TechnoNICOL

Industries: Construction, Ecology

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