Recyclable sail racing boat LOOP650 to be launched soon

LOOP650, the first sustainable and Cradle to Cradle recyclable sail racing boat will be lunched in Marina Cala De Medici soon where she will make berth for the next two years. Sea trials will begin soon after the launch.

The project was granted support from Regione Lombardia through a special fund for Innovation and Sustainable development (FRIM FESR) and received an endorsement form Nautica Italiana. GS4C is part of Nautica Italiana along with the main Italian boatyards and operators of the marine sector, actively participating to the definition of the sustainability Agenda for the association.

In October 2017 GS4C signed the Charta Smeralda, a code of ethics to disseminate marine preservation principles and actions. This is a great achievement and a milestone for sustainable composite development and GS4C would like to thank all the companies who supported this project and allowed it to happen. The prototype is made in aerospace grade mineral fiber (Filava from Isomatex) and a Bio based epoxy resin with very low embodied energy (Super Sap from Entropy Resins).

Both the hull and deck are a sandwich configuration with the balsa core kit specifically designed and supplied by Diab. The skins are layers of enriched basalt fiber UD fabric supplied by GiViDi where special attention was made in avoiding contamination with other fibers. The infusion and post-curing were carried at Styleform facilities. All the manufacturing clean scraps and cuttings were recovered and turned into chopped strand mat thanks to Cormatex Airlay Technology.

Recyclable sail racing boat LOOP650 to be launched soon

Cured composite was cleaned up from the matrix and re-melted into new pristine virgin fiber or turned into Glebanite, a composite based on recycled reinforced plastic. Sails are in 4T Forte, the innovative 100% recyclable membranes by Onesails. Deck hardware is from Harken and Spinlock and running rigging was supplied by Gottifredi Maffioli. Standing rigging is from AG+ and Zhik offered to supply the sailing gear.

The boat was designed by Skyron and composite preliminary R&D carried at LinseT. The sheer number of companies who accepted to contribute to the project is already an indication of the interest this venture attracted among top operators of the marine industry. The challenge to build a recyclable sailracing boat showing that performances can be paired with sustainability was a hard one to tackle, and this result was only possible thank to their vision for sustainable development.

Strong of this network GS4C can now safely claim they are ready for industrial scale up, initiating a new trend of Zero Landfill composite manufacturing.

Basalt.Today is official media partner for the project.

Since its inception the project was presented at several conferences and featured in several articles internationallyand GS4C founders were involved in a number of events to contribute their vision for sustainable development.

Below is a list of the main ones.

Recyclable sail racing boat LOOP650 to be launched soon

  • 14th of November 2015, Amsterdam, Nederlands, METS, “The Future of Yacht Recycling” Conference
  • 18 June 2016, Radio24, Italy, Radio Interview
  • 8th to 11th of November 2016, Bologna, Italy, EcoMondo, Circular Economy Pavillion
  • 14th of November 2016, Amsterdam, Nederlands, METS, “Sustainability in the Marine Industry” Conference
  • 28th to 29th of November 2016, Malta, Yacht Racing Forum, Sustainability Panel
  • March 2017, Chapter in published book: “Neomateriali nell’economia circolare”, Pubblicazioni Ambiente, (ISBN: 9788866271970)
  • March 2017,, online article, “GS4C building recyclable sail-racing boat made of enriched basalt fiber
  • April 2017,, online interview, “Enrico Benco, GS4C: ‘Basalt is a very interesting sustainable alternative to S-Glass’”
  • 19th of May 2017, Milan, Italy, Visionary Forum
  • 6th to 9th of July 2017, Malcesine, Lake Garda, Italy, Foiling Week, Sustainability Panel
  • September 2017,, online article, “Technologies offering high performance and sustainability”
  • 3rd to 4th of October 2017, Milan, Italy, One Ocean Forum, “Blue Technologies and innovation” Lab to define actions for the Charta Smeralda of the YCCS
  • 18th of October 2017, Alicante, Spain, Ocean Summit, Volvo Ocean Race Village
  • 10th to 11th of November 2017, Katowice, Poland, Technological Marine Industry Forum
  • 15th to 17th of November 2017, Moscow, Russia, International Basalt Forum
  • 27th to 28th of November 2017, Aarhus, Denmark, Yacht Racing Forum, Sustainability Panel

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Technical: Enrico Benco,
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Companies: Basalt.Today, Cormatex, GS4C, International Basalt Forum, Isomatex

Countries: Italy, Malta, Poland, Russia, Spain

Industries: Aerospace, Energy, General society, Marine, Shipbuilding

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