Mafic plans to launch U.S. basalt fiber facility in 2018

The project to establish basalt fiber facility in Shelby, North Carolina, has been underway since July 2017. A new manufacturing facility is supposed to be operational in April 2018.

Canada-based Mafic announced its intention to establish its own basalt fiber facility in the USA late last year. Thus, the company purchased an existing facility in Shelby and started a renovation process, and adding a furnace hall to produce basalt fiber.

The investments in the facility with minimum 70 employees amount to $20 million. Mafic CEO Mike Levine said: “We’ll be the first company in North America to convert (basalt) into continuous fiber.”

Here, in Shelby, a Mafic USA’s headquarter will be located. According to Levine, strong support they received from local authorities played a significant role in choosing a location for the headquarter.

Mafic was founded in 2012 with a headquarter in Ontario, Canada. The company has a basalt fiber facility in Kells, Ireland.

Levine hopes this new U.S. facility will bring more visibility and awareness of basalt fiber to those American companies that could use it to manufacture products and will make this raw material affordable to local manufacturers.


Companies: MAFIC

Countries: Canada, USA

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