Porcher Industries, multinational technical textile producer, reinforce its position

Technical textiles and thermoplastic composite producer, France-based Porcher Industries has taken over its competitor – P-D Interglas Technologies, located in Germany, in order to reinforce its standing as a market leader.

Porcher Industries announced the acquisition of all tangible and intangible assets of Interglas Technologies, including business operations, work-force resources, infrastructure, and brand rights.

Interglas Technologies GmbH has over 50 years’ experience in the manufacturing and innovation of glass, carbon, basalt, aramid and other synthetic fabrics for aeronautic, industrial, electrical and building applications. The company is a key supplier of technical fabrics, both within Germany and worldwide.

Porcher Industries produces woven and nonwoven materials from various fibers, including basalt. The multinational has its representative offices in America, Asia, and Europe, including Russia.

This acquisition represents a strategic step in the company’s long-term plans to extend both the technical and production capacity for high quality technical textiles, particularly glass fiber fabrics, the company spokesperson comments.

Companies: Porcher Industries

Countries: France, Germany, Russia

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