Hengshen and Bombardier have signed a cooperation agreement

Jiangsu Hengshen Corporation and the civil aircraft manufacturer Bombardier have signed a strategic cooperation agreement on carbon fiber prepreg supply. Hengshen will be the first Chinese carbon fiber prepreg supplier to enter the international large-scale civil aircraft manufacturers market.

“Founded in 2007, aiming to break the foreign monopoly, Hengshen is dedicated in building its own carbon fiber production chain. Its annual production capacity has reached 5,000 tons of carbon fiber, 15 million square meters of prepreg, 1,200 tons of resin and 5,000 tons of composite products, forming the largest production capacity in China”, specifies the company in a press release.

In the past few years, the Canadian Bombardier has assessed carbon fiber prepreg produced by Hengshen for compliance and potential applications. This strategic cooperation agreement means that Hengshen’s products have achieved satisfying results through early tests and have entered the formal material qualification program. The successful completion of airworthiness certification will allow Hengshen to be a part of Bombardier’s composite parts production.

“The use of carbon fiber composite products in civil aircraft testifies that they comply with the highest standards of quality and performance. So far, on a global scale, only big players like Toray, Hexcel and Cytec have become suppliers of carbon fiber prepreg to large-scale aircraft manufacturers. Hengshen’s carbon fiber prepreg passing the border means that the performance of Chinese carbon fiber has been recognized by foreign users and that a new era of production has begun”, says Qian Jing, the newly appointed chairman of Hengshen.

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