CRP USA rethinks the Additive Manufacturing with Windform

Prototyping is a challenge, CRP USA has greatly increased the capabilities of 3D Printing

CubeSat in WindformXT2.0
CRP USA is strategically located in the heart of NASCAR country in North Carolina, and specializes in additive manufacturing and 3D printing applications with Windform family of composite materials.

CRP USA manufactures on-car and wind tunnel components for racing teams. It has taken this expertise to new heights to produce parts for the space (Satellite and CubeSat structures), entertainment and automotive industries using Windform materials and additive manufacturing.

The advantages of additive manufacturing and 3D printing with Windform materials are:  no design limitations, complex parts production, reduction of product cycle, CNC machining the Windform 3D-printed parts, speeding up the production and saving time.

Video of Windform Space Application – KySat 2

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