Sino-Russian CRAIC names new widebody airliner CR929

China-Russia international commercial aircraft Co Ltd (CRAIC) announced that its two parent companies, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) and Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), have agreed to name the new widebody airliner on which they have begun to collaborate the CR929-600.

During a ceremony at Comac headquarters in Shanghai, the companies also revealed plans for a smaller variant of the airplane called the CR929-500 and a stretch variant designated the CR929-700.
The letters C and R denote the project participants: С for China and R for Russia. Nine is the symbol of eternity in the Chinese culture. Two indicates that the aircraft is developed jointly by enterprises of two different countries committed to work together.
The new CR929-600 is expected to seat some 280 passengers and fly to a range of 12,000 km. The parent companies first revealed preliminary operating specifications during last November’s China Zhuhai Airshow, along with plans to build a final assembly facility in Shanghai. With an aerodynamic design and through the extensive use of composite materials, the CR929 will embody a new era of aircrafts, according to China’s COMAC, which estimates roughly seven years before the aircraft’s maiden flight, and ten years before its delivery.

Companies: Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), United Aircraft Corporation (UAC)

Countries: China, Russia

Industries: Aerospace

Terms: Asia-Pacific, Business

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