Basalt fiber boards are used for hotel cladding in Almaty

Produced by Rockwool, Rockpanel Colours cladding boards will make unique the exterior of Novotel hotel, which is being under construction in Almaty. This type of cladding does not fade and the customers can order any colour of the coating.

Cladding facade boards ROCKPANEL are produced from the compressed basalt fiber. They are easy to install, convenient in operation and allows for various architectural solutions.

ProtectPlus finish is a special protective coating that increases the UV resistance of the material, and is also dirt resistant, since the dirt is easy to remove by rain. Basalt fiber used as a foundation provides high fire resistance and fire safety for the building.

ROCKWOOL offers a wide range of basalt wool based solutions for facades. Thus, the decorative ROCKPANEL Chameleon changes its shade depending on the angle of the light. Rockpanel Stones facade panels made of compressed basalt fiber can imitate natural texture of concrete, stone, and basalt. All the materials are lightweight, can be bent or curved without preliminary treatment (heating etc.) and comply with K0 grade of fire safety.

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