International Basalt Forum to consider the investment appeal of businesses

Ekaterina Vesnina, a delegate from the Institute for Business Financial Development will give insight into the problem solving methods used for increasing investment appeal of businesses.

On November, 17th Ekaterina Vesnina will make a presentation at the Investment Appeal of the Industry session during the 2nd International Basalt Forum. Ekaterina Vesnina is a primary expert for the Intellectual Property Center that is part of the State University of Management, a lead expert in Intellectual Property Capitalization and an author of the method how to reflect intangible assets on a balance sheet tax free.

Ekaterina represents the Institute for Business Financial Development where she is a head of several projects. Her presentation will be devoted to a set of problems related to the investment appeal of businesses and ways how to solve them. The following points will be covered:

  • If the organization is the owner of applied technologies, recipes, databases, R & D findings;
  • Who owns the rights to intellectual property;
  • What are the consequences of royalties non-payment;
  • How to legalize the management system and eliminate the loss of rights risk;
  • How to prepare documents;
  • How to “pack” the product / technology;
  • How to independently search, identify, recognize and legalize the rights to the intellectual property;
  • How to formalize know-how and reflect it on a balance sheet tax free.
  • How to make an inventory of intangible assets;
  • Who and how determines the useful life;
  • If the appraiser is needed, and in which cases the person can appraise intellectual property independently?
  • Does the organization use tax incentives when doing modernization or developing new products (works, services)?
  • How to reduce costs and increase profits owing to the intellectual property;
  • How to increase the investment appeal of companies in the industry.

The 2nd International Basalt Forum will be held November 15-17 in Moscow. Program details and terms of registration are available on the event website.

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