New thermal insulation plant for stone wool solutions to appear in Sweden

Stone wool thermal insulation will be produced in the east of Sweden, so ROCKWOOL has acquired 180,000 square metres of land there to construct a manufacturing facility.

They made this decision because of the growing demand for mineral wool insulation on the Swedish market.

ROCKWOOL spokesperson stresses that the company has 80 years’ experience in producing stone wool and stone wool based solutions. Sweden is experiencing a rapid rate of construction, so construction of the local manufacturing facility means meeting the demand better and also filling future local jobs.

Rockwool’s mineral wool insulation is included in the GREEN BOOK, a catalog of environmentally friendly building materials. Tests confirm this material is fireproof. To examine they used the procedure specified in GOST 30403-2012 Building structures. Fire hazard test method.

To recap, some time ago another multinational company, Saint-Gobain GC, closed its glass fiber thermal insulation plant in Romania, but continued to produce basalt mineral wool on its second line of production.

Companies: Saint-Gobain

Countries: Romania, Sweden

Industries: Construction

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