Stone wool plant in the city of Yurga was modernized for 150 million rubles

Techno plant in Yurga (Russia, Kemerovo region) increased stone wool thermal insulation output by 15% in 2017 due to the modernization process.

TechnoNICOL allocated 150 million rubles to modernize its plant in Kemerovo, and out of them, 70 million was invested in the equipment upgrade.

The Director of Yurga plant Dmitriy Salihov commented that new machines installed in the recycling workshop doubled the productivity. Since the volume of output increased, a total amount of stone wool is estimated to exceed 1 million cubic meters in 2017.

TechnoNICOL plant in Yurga provides customers living in the Siberian Federal District with thermal insulation, and also makes deliveries to Mongolia. According to the company, the export volume is forecasted to reach 3% of all shipments in 2017.

Companies: TechnoNICOL

Countries: Mongolia, Russia

Industries: Construction

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