Russian basalt composite materials were used to construct Louvre in UAE

Produced by Russia-based Galen, basalt composites were used to construct the Museum of Arts upon the project of the architect Jean Nouvel in the United Arab Emirates.

To reinforce concrete walls the builders used basalt composite mesh fastened by facade dowels made of basalt fiber reinforced polymer.

Located on the water, the Arabian Louvre has over 50 cube halls, covered with a dome structure, which consists of 8000 star-shaped pieces. Thus the project required the materials offering the best anti-corrosion properties able to ensure the durability of the entire structure. ROCKMESH composite mesh, 50×50 mm, and facade dowel THERMOSAVE certified in Europe meet the designers’ requirements.

According to Nouvel, the architect winning one of the major architectural awards in the world – Pritzker Prize, the museum concept is to create a place for people to communicate about art and culture, and where people would like to return again and again. The right to be called like world-famous Louvre of Paris was officially purchased from France, and the opening ceremony was attended by Emmanuel Macron.

To recap, this year Galen participated in JEC World 2017 — Future of Composites in Construction in Chicago with own exhibition stand.


Companies: Galen, Russian Basalt (Meltrock)

Countries: France, Russia, United Arab Emirates

Industries: Construction, General society

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