FRX Polymers announces appointment of Ina Jiang and Dr.Ulrich Girrbach to key executive posts

FRX Polymers, a specialist in polymeric halogen-free flame retardant solutions, announced today a pair of key personnel appointments as part of its focused development and commercialization of a breakthrough line of halogen-free flame retardant (FR) products.

FRX Polymers has named Ina Jiang to the position of Vice President of Marketing and Dr. Ulrich Girrbach as Vice President of Fibers and Textiles. The appointments were announced by Marc-André Lebel, President and CEO of FRX Polymers.

“We’re pleased to announce these important personnel appointments as FRX Polymers moves forward to commercialize its unique non-halogen polymeric flame retardants for a range of markets,” said Lebel. “We’re excited to be able to attract such great, talented people who will help us manage and direct our technical and marketing resources through an exciting period of growth.”

Jiang, who will be based at headquarters in Chelmsford, Mass., will oversee the company’s overall marketing efforts. She is a Chinese national who previously served as Global Strategic Marketing Manager and then Director of Strategy and Business Development for Chemtura Corp. Jiang brings a broad range of experience in flame retardant materials, copper clad laminates, and foam products for electronics, plastics, industry, transportation, and building and construction markets.

“I look forward to joining a dynamic team and driving our global strategic marketing efforts with the goal of delivering exponential growth for our unique FR products,” said Jiang.

Jiang has also held global marketing and sales management posts at Eastman Chemical, Rogers Corp., and Sony. She holds an MBA from the University of Illinois, a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University in Shanghai, and a Bachelor of Arts in International Finance from Shanghai International Studies University.

Dr. Girrbach, who will be based in Dusseldorf, Germany, has held several high-level managerial roles in the fibers and textiles industries.

“I am excited to join this fast-growing company and help them to globally expand their true sustainable footprint in the area of flame retardant additives for fibers and textiles,” said Dr. Girrbach.

Dr. Girrbach served as Director and Vice President and Global Head of Marketing and Sales for Hoechst/Trevira. He developed and implemented a global marketing strategy for flame retardant fibers and intermediate yarns, leading to strong growth in the U.S. (greater than 70% over two years). As Global Marketing Manager for Trevira CS, Dr. Girrbach introduced comprehensive market segmentation for different end users along with a unique product branding strategy which led to strong sales growth.

Dr. Girrbach earned a PhD in natural sciences from the University of Mainz and a Dipl. Ing., Master in Engineering from the University Karlsruhe.

FRX Polymers is the developer and producer of a new, environmentally friendly family of inherently flame retardant plastics and oligomers, trade named Nofia. The company is currently in the high growth phase of commercializing its unique family of polyphosphonate homopolymers, copolymers, and oligomers. These non-halogen flame retardants are tough and transparent, and possess high melt flow for use in consumer electronics, textiles, building and construction, and transportation markets. Nofia phosphonates replace halogenated flame retardants, which are being phased out due to toxicity concerns. They are being sold as polymeric flame retardant additives, flame retardant engineering plastics, and as reactive flame retardant additives for thermosetting resins.

Nofia phosphonates are produced using sustainable green chemistry principles such as a solvent-free production process, no waste by-products, and near 100% atom efficiency. FRX Polymers’ portfolio includes an extensive and growing patent estate. To date, the company has nearly 200 patent applications, of which more than 100 applications have been granted.

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