A composite plate saw

Sharp & Tappin launch new Compcut 200 composite saw.

Compcut 200

The company develops innovative engineering and technological solutions for clients across a range of industrial sectors and across the globe. 

The Compcut 200 represents Sharp & Tappin’s developing interest in the growing home market for the precision cutting of composites. This new machine has been carefully designed to offer Composite R&D teams and test centres affordable access to an easy to use though inherently sophisticated and robust plate saw.

Compcut 200

The Compcut 200 enjoys a host of well thought out features that include

  • Compact size with small footprint
  • High quality surface finish allowing immediate testing
  • Clear working area visibility
  • Good perpendicularity & parallelism 
  • Automatic material positioning & innovative clamping
  • Ability to run multiple specimen cuts
  • Fully enclosed work area – ensuring user safety
  • Both dry & wet cutting options
  • Automated control & part programme capability for consistent results

Companies: Compcut Intuitive Cutting Solutions

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