Fibermaq launches compact equipment for gelcoat application

Fibermaq, a Brazilian leader in machinery for composite molding, announced the launch of Gel Tank, a compact equipment for the external and simultaneous application of gelcoat and peroxide.

Fibermaq launches compact equipment for gelcoat application
The novelty is ideal for manufacturers of composite parts who still use spray guns with inverted cup, which can only store up to 500 ml. Gel Tank, in turn, has a stainless steel pressure tank that stores up to 15 liters of gelcoat.

“In addition to not having to constantly stop the service to refill the spray gun, with Gel Tank molders will no longer experience clogging problems, as the gelcoat and peroxide are mixed externally. The equipment also eliminates expenses with thinner, used for cleaning the spray gun at each service interruption,” said Christian de Andrade, director of Fibermaq.

With a 4 mm nozzle, Gel Tank comes with a 200 ml peroxide reservoir, a very ergonomic spray gun – weighing only 737 g – and a transport cart. 

Founded in 1978, in the city of São Paulo, Fibermaq is a pioneer in the manufacture of equipment for molding composites, epoxy and adhesives in general. During this period, more than 5,000 spray-up machines, gelcoat application, RTM injection and filament winding machines, among others, were sold by the company in Brazil and throughout Latin America.

Fibermaq launches compact equipment for gelcoat application

In 2016, Fibermaq was elected for the fifth consecutive time the Top of Mind of the Composites Industry in the category “Equipment” – organized by the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO), it is the industry’s main award. 


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