A Chinese guitar made of carbon fiber

Lava Music, a Chinese company specialized in musical instruments design and development, founded in 2013 in the southern city of Guangzhou, Guangdong province, has put on the market a new guitar called LAVA ME.

A Chinese guitar made of carbon fiber
“The advanced body design of LAVA ME not only improves the experience of playing the guitar, but also changes the way the traditional instrument is made”, asserts the company, which “pioneered the development of one-piece-body integrated molding technology”.

To get a superior and powerful sound color, the company has developed Airsonic, a new type of carbon fiber composite, “jointly with a world-renowned material research and development agency”. “Airsonic has excellent acoustic performance, its modulus of elasticity is 20%-40% higher than the Brazilian rosewood and it is not affected by harsh weather. Airsonic is not only superior in terms of acoustic performance, but also can withstand climate and humidity changes, with a temperature range of – 40° Celsius to 80 °Celsius”, explains the company.

The arc design of the LAVA ME is close to the human body, “so that long time playing has become effortless”, says the company, according to which the LAVA ME combines rigorous engineering and weight reduction design, with a minimum weight of 1.7 kg.

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