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Teijin Aramid introduces Endumax Shield XF33

Teijin Aramid announces the introduction of Endumax Shield XF33, a UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), that enables weight reduction, leading to enhanced mobility and increased armor protection level with no increase in overall weight.

The new and increasingly lethal threats globally demand enhanced protection at preferably lighter weights to increase user mobility. New armor systems not only have to provide protection to security professionals, but also to the various ground vehicles, maritime platforms, and aircrafts used in carrying out the required mission. Endumax Shield XF33 can be used for high-performance hard body armor plates, helmets and rigid panels for vehicle and maritime protection.

Endumax Shield XF33 will help to achieve superior performance-to-weight solution for body armor inserts, e.g. NIJ III standalone as well as in conjunction with ballistic vests. Thanks to the structural integrity achieved even with low processing pressures, the use of Endumax Shield XF33 enables easier processing of larger panels with minimum or no seams for vehicle and maritime protection. As a result, this minimizes potentially vulnerable joints and increases design freedom for optimum panel cuts, thereby making the solution more cost-efficient.

Manon Schuurmans, Teijin Aramid’s Business Department Manager Ballistics: “For over 30 years, Teijin Aramid has been developing high-performance ballistic protection solutions that have saved countless lives. Thanks to the uniquely engineered properties the new Endumax Shield XF33 is the material of choice for an exceptional performance to weight ratio for body armor and weight sensitive vehicles and vessels armoring.”

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