PAROC Light Marine: lightweight basalt fiber based insulation solution for shipbuilders

PAROC released a line of lightweight noncombustible marine insulating material based on basalt fiber.

Marine solutions are not a novelty for PAROC, because the company manufactures insulating materials that meet the high requirements in acoustic, thermal and refractory properties of the shipbuilding industry, including the provision of the Russian icebreakers.  These insulating materials have been used to build a powerful icebreaker Arctic, and the next project to use marine basalt isolation is supposed to be the icebreaker Sibir.

Developed by PAROC, a new marine insulating solution is lightweight and suits for A60 and A30 steel decks and bulkheads at passenger and cargo ships, increasing their load capacity. The first of the new products, PAROC Marine Navis Slab 60, is 40% lighter in weight than conventional insulating materials.

Basalt fiber, which is used to manufacture the marine insulation called PAROC Light Marine, provides consistently high energy efficiency, fire safety and noise absorption.

The company  believes the innovative products to arise interest in both domestic and foreign shipbuilders.

Companies: PAROC

Industries: Energy, Marine, Shipbuilding

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