ROSIZOL and EURIMA concerned about fire safety of insulation

Fire safety of insulating materials became a priority for ROSIZOL, association of mineral insulation manufacturers. New priorities were determined based on current market trends and burning industry issues.

Nowadays, over 70% of deaths caused by fires, result from poisoning by combustion products. According to Vitaliy Bogachenko, the Association President, this death rate indicates the necessity to improve the control system and the regulation base for building materials. A year ago an association member, Rockwool, offered the consumers free testing of thermal insulating materials of any brand. Afterwards, ROSIZOL joined this action.

During his recent visit to Russia, Jan te Bos, Director General for the European Association EURIMA said that strengthening the fire safety standards is also timely for Europe. Experts from EURIMA offer verified tests for measuring the toxicity of combustion products. In addition, the European experts made a proposition to classify buildings according to the level of noise immunity and acoustic comfort, as for Russia it is also timely.

To recap, lab tests confirmed that stone wool is a fire safe solution. These tests were conducted according to the ‘GOST 30403-2012 Building structures. Fire hazard test method.’

Companies: Rosizol

Countries: Russia

Industries: Construction

Terms: Fire resistance

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