Advanced epoxy-based sizing for basalt fiber developed

KomAR LLC from the city of Izhevsk (Russia) has presented a modified epoxy-based emulsion to be used as a film forming dispersion for glass and basalt fiber sizings.

The characteristic of this paste-like composition is a dispersed filler (average particle size is 500-800 nanometers), which significantly improves the physical-mechanical and strength properties of the composite material.

The additive is introduced into the sizing composition at the stage of glass or basalt fiber production. The emulsion penetrates into the fiber to a depth of 2 to 8 μm, forming a strong protective film, effectively protecting each fiber from chemical degradation and mechanical damage, and also increasing the resin adhesion to the fiber.

According to the data obtained experimentally for the samples of a glass fiber composite with modified sizing, the manufacturer stresses that chemical resistance increases by 8 times at most and flexural strength increases by 25% at most in comparison with a similar non-modified material.

Advanced epoxy-based sizing for basalt fiber developed
KomAR INTES – NC emulsion was not applied for the sizing of glass fiber.

The manufacturer comments that emulsion-based sizing results in self-healing effect in roving filaments, increasing the durability and reliability of the final products.

Разработана модифицированная эпоксидная эмульсия для базальтового волокна
KomAR INTES – NC emulsion was applied for the sizing of glass fiber.

During his presentation at the 2nd International Basalt Forum, Aleksey Shevnin, the General Director, emphasized the prospects for emulsion application in basalt fiber production and mentioned the need to conduct experimental studies.

Sizing is a special coating applied to the fiber at the stage of its production. Sizings protect the fibers from abrasion and fracture, reduce the risk of microcracking during further processing, and also increase the adhesive strength of the binder-fiber bonds.

Companies: International Basalt Forum, KomAR

Countries: Russia

Industries: General society

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