University of Miami awarded for its innovation bridge built using basalt rebar

Basalt America’s basalt rebar (RockRebar®) was used to build the bridge without any steel reinforcement.

Prestigious Engineering Excellence Award (EEA) recognizes firms in Florida for their original or innovative applications to complex projects and studies. The annual award was established by the Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers (FICE) and the winners 2018 will receive it in April next year.

Award-winning team of students makes use of basalt rebar to solve the issues of corrosion, strength and durability of concrete structures in bridge construction. Edward A. Cespedes, CEO of Basalt America, believes that the innovation bridge on the University of Miami campus offers a glimpse of how concrete construction needs to be built in corrosion prone areas. Basalt fiber reinforcement products represent substantial improvements over steel, especially as they relate to corrosion and sustainability, extending the service life of concrete structures and eliminating maintenance costs related to corrosion.

As we informed earlier, the students of Canadian university had showcased basalt composite developed to fix bridges, and applied it in the rehabilitation of the Merrick Creek Bridge over the Detroit River.

However, the first ever built composite bridge has already turned 25. For its long service life, the bridge has experienced severe flooding, strong wind gusts and mechanical damage, being an invaluable source of data for the researchers in composite technologies.

In addition, fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials have been in service on public infrastructure facilities such as bridge decks and superstructures for over ten years.


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