Basalt America ramps up basalt rebar production and conducts its certification process

One of the leading basalt products manufacturers in the USA, Basalt America, announced the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Florida capable of producing approximately two to three miles of basalt rebar per day.

The company is committed to being a leader in what it believes will be a substantial shift towards the use of new, stronger and more environmentally friendly materials by the global construction industry. Accordingly, Basalt America has engaged the laboratory of the University of Miami as the technical representative to test and demonstrate the compliance of Basalt America’s basalt rebar with the International Building Code (IBC).

This process, which is in the final stages, will result in the first ever publication of an Evaluation Service Report (ESR) by the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) for composite rebar.

Edward A. Cespedes, Basalt America’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer believes that obtaining the ICC-ES will show their commitment towards the highest of standards and will accelerate the industry acceptance.

Cespedes says that no other basalt fiber reinforcement manufacturing facility in the world has obtained an ICC-ES so far.

Students of the University of Miami have recently obtained prestigious award for the bridge built using basalt rebar. This bridge was constructed in the university campus, basalt rebar was supplied by Basalt America.

Companies: Basalt America

Countries: USA

Industries: Construction

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